The Actual Owners of Craft Breweries

Axios has a good write-up reminding us that some of our beloved “craft” breweries are actually owned by some of the largest corporations in the beer industry. Some that surprised me:

  • Ballast Point (Constellation Brands – Corona, Modelo, etc…)
  • Elysian (InBev)
  • Goose Island (InBev)
  • Lagunitas (Heineken)
  • Terrapin (MillerCoors)
  • Wicked Weed (InBev) (I knew this one, obviously, since it was big news in North Carolina when it happened. It felt like it belonged on the list, though.)


Consider this the “trailer”-type post for my new, more “tech-focused” website. I’m not sure if this post will stick around long term, but it’s something so that I can use to start connecting other services, etc…

Now, however, I need to do decide what I want to do for my first article.