I usually introduce myself as a software litigation attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina. After graduating from Clemson, I spent five years in Charlotte and Raleigh writing computer software before going to law school to try to combine my software background with a legal career. Now, I spend most of my days helping software companies try to prevent or resolve disputes. This sometimes means putting together agreements or other contracts to put my clients in a position to avoid a dispute altogether or possibly helping them work their way through an actual lawsuit.

Though a majority of my legal work deals with the software industry, I also work with independent creators (e.g., authors, artists, comic book creators, etc.) by advising them on how to protect their intellectual property in the works they create.

When I am able, I try to help my wife, Elyssa, with her photography business: Kivus & Camera. Elyssa is a wedding and portrait photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina, and photographs weddings both locally in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, as well as throughout North Carolina and the United States.



Since late 2015, I have been the proprietor of Rope Drop [dot] Net, a website covering Disney World news and information. Mine and Elyssa’s Disney World history extends far beyond that, however, as Disney World was the location of both our engagement and our proposal. We have been Disney World annual pass holders since 2014 and try to get down there whenever we can.


Some of my earliest technology-related memories were of building computers with my father. That interest in technology and computers led me to my initial career as a software developer. Though I no longer write code day-to-day, I still follow the computer, software, and related industries closely.

Craft Beer

As you can probably tell from my Instagram account, Elyssa and I spend a lot of time in breweries. This is a more recent development (I never was that into beer in college), but has been an enjoyable hobby to get into. To date, I have not found a beer that I think is “too hoppy.”

My Teams:

  • Clemson Tigers (College Football)
  • Boston Red Sox (Baseball)
  • New England Patriots (Pro Football)
  • UNC (College Basketball)